Bridgerton Inspired Mystery Experience

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Join Us For An Interactive Group Experience Like No Other...

This mysterious party is open to all. To crack the case, guests can work separately or collaborate to find the culprit. Your goal is to identify the culprit . The best answer will receive the coveted award of Top Sleuth!

A Truly Scandalous Mystery Experience!

When you attend our exclusive mystery party, suspending your disbelief and getting caught up in the commotion is easy. It's up to the guests to piece together the mystery based on the evidence they've been given. Even though everyone in the room is a possible suspect, not everyone is eager to assist!

Will you be able to track down the perpetrator?

Not So Shocking Plot!

High society in 1813 Bodgerton is a-buzz, from the Queen herself down to the kitchen help. Every week, a certain “L. Whistlewind” releases a new scandal sheet containing the most delicious gossip. So far, these rumors have led to three elopements, two duels, and an onstage riot that ended the opera during Act I.

But the worst part is that no one knows who “L. Whistlewind” is. Who could be writing such shocking things—many of them unfortunately true?

A young lady desperate to remove her rivals in the marriage market?

A servant eager to get back at the “gentlefolks”?

An eligible gentleman trying to distract attention from his disgraceful escapades?

Could it be—YOU?


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